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OFTEC-approved oil tanks

Here at Anglia Oil Tanks, all of our oil tanks and services are 100% OFTEC approved for your peace of mind. We proudly serve a customer base that spans Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and the entire East Anglia area.

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Always go with OFTEC-approved. It's a matter of safety and quality.

Modern oil storage tanks come in many different shapes and sizes, so it can often be difficult knowing which one to choose. One of the factors you must consider is whether or not your new tank is OFTEC approved.


OFTEC lays down strict regulations regarding oil tanks, and at Anglia Oil Tanks, every tank we offer is guaranteed to comply with their regulations and standards.

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An impressive portfolio

Take a closer look at our past installation work

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Servicing and inspection

Keeping your oil tank in the best condition.

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Oil tank removal

White Tick - Oil tank removal

Bases constructed

White Tick - Bases constructed

Oil transfer and filtering

White Tick - Fuel transfer and filtering

Disposal of your old steel tank

White Tick - Disposal of your old steel tank

Direct replacement

White Tick - Direct replacement

New filters and valves provided

White Tick - New filters and valves provided

Full installation

White Tick - Full installation

Responsible removal and recycling

White Tick - Responsible removal and recycling

Service and inspection

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A reminder of the exemplary service we provide:

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Looking for an OFTEC-approved oil tank supplier? Get in touch with our team serving Newmarket, Cambridge and all areas of East Anglia. Contact us now on:

01638 662955

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Why buy an OFTEC-approved oil tank?
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The highest standards:

Tanks are manufactured to OFTEC Standards (OFS T100 for plastic or OFS T200 for steel)

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Legal compliance:

Since June 2013 it has become a legal requirement that every oil tank have its own "Declaration of Performance".


It’s as simple as that. An OFTEC approved tank ensures that you meet your legal obligations and have a tank that is safe.

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