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Oil tank servicing and inspection

At Anglia Oil Tanks, our OFTEC 600A registered engineers carry out comprehensive oil tank inspection, servicing, repair and replacement services throughout East Anglia.

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Our OFTEC 600A engineers can provide an emergency response when needed in a hurry

Even the hardiest of oil tanks will require maintenance at some point down the line, and for that reason it’s essential that you periodically have each of your units inspected by a qualified, OFTEC-registered engineer. You can’t afford to have oil wasted or contaminated due to leaks and ingress of foreign materials. Likewise, you’ll want to ensure your oil tank and dispensers are working optimally, efficiently, and in compliance with the latest UK standards.


At Anglia Oil Tanks we are happy to provide this service, so please get in touch to arrange an inspection courtesy of our expert team.

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OFTEC approved

OFTEC-approved oil tanks, engineers and services

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Heating oil delivery

Emergency replacement

Time for a full replacement? We provide a fast response.

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Oil tank inspections

White Tick - Oil tank inspections

New isolation valves

White Tick - New isolation valves

Oil tank testing and line testing

White Tick - Oil tank testing and line testing

New oil tank filters

White Tick - New oil tank filters

Tank integrity testing

White Tick - Tank integrity testing

Non-destructive testing

White Tick - Non-destructive testing

Direct replacements if required

White Tick - Direct replacements if required

Our comprehensive testing and inspection service for oil tanks includes:

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Time your oil tank was serviced? Speak to our team today. We provide callouts to Newmarket, Cambridge and all areas of East Anglia. Contact us now on:

01638 662955

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It's a good idea to have your oil tank periodically serviced 
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How often?

Your oil tank should be inspected and serviced every 5 years

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Keep contamination, corrosion and leakage at bay

Save on costs:

No wasted oil and expensive repair bills

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